Don’t Start Missional Communities

Everybody that starts a church wants it to grow fast. (yes…even us “missional community” guys)

Some of the reasons are good, like “I just want more people to know the grace of God that can only be found in Christ Jesus”. (that’s a dang good reason)

Some of the reasons are probably jacked up, like “I just want to be a famous pastor, have a comfy income, get invited to speak at conferences with other famous pastors, get 436 re-tweets of my deepest thoughts, and write a book that makes mamma proud and Joel Osteen nervous”. (for the record….I am sure those things are great…but likely make poor motivations)

But let’s be honest: very few people ever born can communicate like Matt Chandler, think like Time Keller, or dress like this guy. (don’t click the “this guy” link….don’t do it….I warned you)

The reality is that most of us will struggle to make ends meet, never get invited to speak anywhere, our blogs won’t become bestsellers, and our churches…if they grow….will grow slow.

If you want your church to grow fast, DON’T START “MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES”!

In my experience (yes…all 3 years) Missional Community driven churches grow painfully slow…and here is one reason why….

People really just want to be left alone.

What I mean is that most of us Americans who grew up on a steady diet of consumerism and individualism just want a “spiritual buzz” on Sundays.

We don’t want to be known, challenged, and we certainly don’t want to be taught that following Jesus happens 7 days a week….we don’t have time for that.

So if you want to start something that grows fast here is what I think might work…

Start a weekly meeting that features a good looking and talented singer (4 songs max), teach a short ‘spiritual message” that never talks about the cost of following Jesus, and tell people that you will see them next week.

Whatever you do….don’t start missional communities.

One Comment on “Don’t Start Missional Communities”

  1. Jesse Winkler says:

    Noooooooo!!!!!! Why did I have to click the “this guy” link?!?!?! I will never be the same.

    Great, post again. It makes me feel better about the snails pace that our church is growing and the way we are doing it while most others look at me like something is wrong with me. Thanks

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