3 Reasons Why I Love Serving With My Kids

Last night I had the opportunity to serve with local non profit Mobile Loaves and Fishes along with 3 of my daughters: Jess (13), Ava (6), and Betsy Grace (2).

Here is the thing: when we get out of our comfort zone as a family and spend time serving Austinites who are experiencing homelessness or poverty we never regret it. Never.

I never find myself saying “Man I wish we would have just stayed in and caught up on American Idol or the latest episode of Zach and Ally”.

I always leave saying to myself, “we need to do this more often… a lot more.”

So for all my friends out there with kids I thought I would share with you 3 reasons why I love serving with my kids:

1 The Conversation

When we serve as a family our conversations go deeper.

For a few brief moments we move beyond homework, friends, arguing over which movie we should watch in the minivan, or whether or not Betsy needs a new diaper….and the kids begin to ask some really good, and really challenging questions:

*why do some people have no food?

*why do some people have no home?

And as we saw last night…

*why was that one boy not wearing any clothes?


2 Perspective

My kids, much like myself, struggle with selfishness and entitlement.

We often hear “I am starving” if it has been 2 hours since the last snack time.

When Ava gets in trouble and receives the dreaded “5 minute timeout” it is usually followed by cries of “this is the worst day of my life!” (of course if I drive her through Sonic for a slush it is “the best day of her life” so maybe she is just a little dramatic…just a little.)

Seeing poverty, hunger, and homelessness gives all of us some much needed perspective and reminds us once again how ridiculously spoiled, rich, and blessed we are to have clothes to wear, food in the fridge, and a place to sleep at night.

3 We Learn About Jesus Together

Last night we met a family (grandma, mom, 2 kids) who needed some help. We noticed this when the boy had no clothes on and they kept coming back asking if we had any more milk.

After a conversation I had with grandma I found out that they were out of milk and diapers and had no means to get any…so I loaded up my 3 girls in the car and we hit the store for some diapers, milk, yogurt, and Cheerios.

Now this is my favorite part of serving together: we get to learn about Jesus together.

On our way to drop off the groceries to this family I had the opportunity to share with my girls why we were doing this…

I explained that Jesus has been so generous to us that we can be generous to one another and our neighbors. 

We learned about grace, we learned about generosity, and we learned about Jesus….together.

We need to do this more often. A lot more….




One Comment on “3 Reasons Why I Love Serving With My Kids”

  1. Betsy says:

    My heart is overflowing. How precious you all are to others and to Jesus. I know you are blessed as you bless others. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us and so many more.

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