Missional Community FAQ’s: “How Do You Train Your Leaders?”

I thought I would begin posting some replies to frequently asked questions on “Missional Community”.

Here is one I have gotten a lot, “how do you train your leaders?”.

One of the ways we train MC Leaders is through a monthly dinner where we gather all of our leaders (and their leaders in training) and equip on a particular leadership development topic.

Here is what we are in the middle of doing for 2012:

JANUARY “Reproducing Yourself”

This session teaches leaders how to reproduce themselves, identify a “leader in training” , and how to initiate life on life discipleship.

FEBRUARY “Leading Gospel Conversations”

This session teaches “know-love-speak” (Gospel Counsel) as a way of leading Gospel Conversations in our communities and on mission.

MARCH “What is Missional?”                      

This session teaches on “missional” and how the Gospel (Jesus Christ is Lord) creates a community that both shares  (talks about) and shows (social action) the good news of Jesus.

APRIL “Gospel Generosity”

This session teaches how the Gospel creates a generous community and how to create a culture of generosity in our MC’s.

MAY “How To Be Sent (In A Busy City)“

This session teaches on being sent like Jesus and specifically equips leaders in intentionality, scheduling, dependence on God and the Church, and shared leadership.

JUNE “Austin City Life (The Big Picture)”

This session teaches the “big picture” of Austin City Life and covers our basic structures, assimilation strategy, vision,  and the role MC’s and expression play in the Church.

JULY “Devotional Life of a Leader”

This session teaches the importance of the devotional life of a leader, standing in the Gospel, being aware of our affections and longings, and Spirit-led leadership.

AUGUST  “MC Leader Appreciation Party ”

Hey it is 103 degrees, summer is coming to a close, and the kids are heading back to school: a great time to have a pool party and say “thank you”!

SEPTEMBER “Gospel-Centered Ministry”

This session teaches Gospel-Centered Ministry: Sharing the Gospel, Gospel Metaphors, Gospel Benefits, Gospel Identity, etc (this is a “Gospel-Centered Everything” persons dream come true!)

OCTOBER “Adopting and Sending Global Missionaries”

This session equips our MC Leaders to adopt, care for, and pray for global missionaries.

NOVEMBER “Leading People through the MC Primer”

This session equips our leaders to lead their groups through the “MC Primer” and making a missional commitment. 

DECEMBER “Christmas Party and Leader Appreciation”



These topics have been discussed and are coached but currently have no “home” in the current “monthly training” schedule.

“A Missional Family”- Leading a family on mission.

“CG Administration”- The nuts and bolts of MC structure and communication.

“Conflict and Tension In Community”- Gods appointed grace for our change.

“Hospitality and Celebration”- A biblical view of hospitality and celebration.


Hope this helps!

2 Comments on “Missional Community FAQ’s: “How Do You Train Your Leaders?””

  1. Is there a way I can get a hold of the info you go through during those meetings? Thanks.

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