MISSIONAL LIVING (for the overwhelmed)

Let’s just say you are working a full-time job (or working as a stay at home mom which is harder), trying to workout once in once in a while, looking for time, money (and childcare) so you can pull off an occasional “date night”, raising a couple crazy kids….and now you find yourself in the middle of a missional community…..uh oh.

I forgot to mention that you are more aware than ever of your co-workers who are not Christians, and you really want to get to know them….but in the middle of soccer games, play dates, keeping up the house, and serving your church, where will you find the time?

You are still trying to find time to do that serve project with your Missional Community (that hasn’t happened in 3 months), plan your next lunch meeting with your discipleship group (that so and so keeps rescheduling), and get to know the neighbors that have lived across the street for over a year (and you don’t even know their names).

Sound familiar?

So as the dishes pile up, the laundry falls behind, and the kids grow more insane by the hour….we settle into a feeling commonly referred to as overwhelmed.

Stay here too long and you are heading towards a healthy portion of burnout with a side of joylessness….

If you have ever felt this way you are not alone.


So why would you want to live on mission?

Two choices:

1)    You’re insane

2)    Jesus

Let’s go with Jesus.

You have discovered that God loves you! You have received his grace apart from anything you have ever done, or anything you will ever do…and because the Gospel is such good news you are taking serious the call to follow Jesus, to make disciples, to love your neighbor.


So how can you live on mission?

Two choices:

1)    On your own (which seems to keep leading to overwhelmed)

2)    Like Jesus

Let’s go with “like Jesus.”

Jesus himself said it like this:

“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”

Allrighty then.

If we are really going to be sent like Jesus, it would be helpful to ask “how was Jesus sent?”

So let’s consider just two attributes of his sent-ness that I believe can help us in our overwhelmedness (is that a word?)


Jesus Was Sent On Purpose

The birth, life, death, and resurrection were on purpose, some would call this intentional.

Jesus was on a specific mission with specific people.

Jesus taught specific things and prayed specific prayers.


Jesus Was Not Sent Alone

Jesus didn’t go alone. That is incredible!

Jesus was dependant on the Father and relied on the power of the Word and The Spirit.

Jesus didn’t travel alone but shared his life with some messy guys who struggled to believe him.


So what does all this mean for us?


Go On Purpose

Do more by doing less. Make a “don’t do list”. Trim the fat.

You can’t do everything. You were never meant to. Get focused.

Maybe the kids can’t do every sport, every art class, or every dance class. Pick one.

Maybe you can’t get to know every neighbor on your street. Get to know one.

Maybe you can’t disciple every new believer in your church. Disciple one.

And maybe it’s time to break out the calendar…because if it’s important…you will schedule it.

Schedule time to pray…and time to read.

Schedule time to rest…and time to play.

Schedule fun times with your family…and nights out with your spouse.

Stop the madness. Do more by doing less. Go on purpose.


Don’t Go Alone

Don’t even try!

You have the Fathers love…lean into it.

You have the words of Jesus…read them.

You have the Spirit (full of comfort, wisdom, and power)…ask for help.

You have the Church….be a part of it.



Hope this helps!




2 Comments on “MISSIONAL LIVING (for the overwhelmed)”

  1. Claire says:

    Just discovering your blog (thanks to our grammar discussion this evening). Good read! I’m sure everyone can relate to this! Thanks Nate.

    ps. “sent-ness” and “overwhelmedness” totally make sense in context.


  2. Terry Ishee says:

    Needed that refresher today! Thanks for reposting!

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