Are There Any New Christians In Your Missional Community?

The planting of Missional Churches is attracting lots of new “converts”, including:

*Church-hopping Christians looking for a new church

*Socially-minded Christians who have grown bored of their contemporary church

*Former youth group kids who bailed on the church during their college years and wild 20’s, who are now married with kids, and looking to re-connect to their faith (or at least get their kids involved)

Hopefully our “missional” churches are seeing people who were not Christians…become Christians.  (If this is not happening we may need to re-think what the mission is?)

I am currently finding this book, The Walk, very helpful as I read through it with some folks in our community who are brand new to the faith. I highly recommend it!

What resources are you using to help the new believers in your community?


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