3 Things “To Do” When Leading A Missional Community

In an earlier post I wrote about what “not to do” when leading a missional community. Read that HERE.

On a more positive note here are 3 things “to do”:


I know this seems obvious, but it is very hard to lead others in missional living if you don’t have much clarity on it yourself. When some people say “missional” they are thinking “social justice activity” while others think “evangelism” (and the list goes on and on). The bottom line is you have no idea what people are really hearing when you say “missional”, so get some clarity for yourself before you go….


This is the most basic of leadership principles, and we all know it. If you want the people in your community to love their neighbors, you might want to start loving yours. If you want your community to show mercy to the poor, begin to love the poor yourself. If you want your community to share the Gospel with non Christians, get to know, love, and speak the Gospel to some of the non Christians in your life.


If you want the people in your community to live on mission, most of them are going to need some tools. The theory of art doesn’t make a great painting, you need a canvas, paint, and a brush. The theory of music doesn’t make a hit song, you need melody, instruments, and somebody that can sing. In the same way the theory of missional living doesn’t create everyday mission, people need help, people need tools.

Hope this helps…

What did I miss? What else are we “to do” when leading missional communities?


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